School is in Session: Take me Back to Kiawah Island

School is back in session and I can’t help but take a look back at our wonderful, quiet, low stress week in Kiawah Island. My mornings quickly shifted from relaxing days on the beach and chef prepared breakfast to the hectic start of school.

Being pregnant and tired most of the time, I am rolling out of bed just in time to make sure my 13 year old daughter, Kai, has everything needed to be great at school. And, hubby gets a quick kiss right before we rush out the door.

So my thoughts of our family vacation to Kiawah Island are just a little more sweet today! ¬†Bakari started planning this getaway in the Spring before we were pregnant for our little family and close friends. He wanted a week of solitude. The first couple of days were just our little family-Bakari, Kai and me. Our days were filled with sitting on the beach and bike rides for Bakari and Kai. Seeing Kai and Bakari spending time together is the sweetest gift for me! The majority of our time in Kiawah was filled with family and close friends and ended the week with a small get together. They were some of the best days of summer and I’m missing it so much!

Pictures Below: