We Have Named Our Twins

A name- It will stay with you for the rest of your life or until you get old enough to change it…

My mother named my siblings and me after family members and most of my siblings followed suit. When I was pregnant with my 13 year old daughter, Kai, I was not feeling the whole family name trend as much and went for a name that we just liked. Though I did give Kai her grandmother’s name, Michelle as her middle name- Kai Michelle Carter.

When I met Bakari, he talked a lot about having a wife and having two children named Justice and Jet. He would jokingly tell all of my girlfriends that when we had children we would have a little Justice and Jet and if Jet was a chunky baby, his nickname would be Jumbo Jet. I would laugh it off but in the back of my mind think…”that is not happening”.

Ten years later, we are having our miracle babies. I felt immense pressure to give them the perfect names. I wanted names that were meaningful and special for both babies.  I wanted to name our son after his father, but Bakari was not really into doing so. I thought of Ruby for our daughter because my mother, my sister, and Bakari’s grandmother are all named Ruby. I wasn’t feeling the Justice and Jet names and neither was Bakari anymore. Bakari had a few names for our son in mind already and I pretty much liked all of them. Well, maybe not one so much because it was actually one of my old boyfriend’s name…lol. I realized I really liked the sound and flow of alliterative names like my daughter’s, Kai Carter.

So I started looking for names that began with “S”. When I said “S” names, our son’s name was automatic for Bakari. He had it already picked out. I loved the name immediately because it is so deeply woven into his family’s legacy.  But, now we needed our daughter’s name. We flirted around with several “S” names. I really wanted a name that our little family loved and that had deep meaning as well.

So, after many months of thinking about what these babies should be named, we all agreed on Stokely Taggart and Sadie Ellen.

Stokely: named for the prominent organizer in the civil rights movement who was a great friend to my father-in-law, Cleveland. Taggart is Bakari’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name. I truly loved how Stokely Taggart sounded together.

Sadie: named after my Great Aunt who was married to my paternal Great Uncle, JD. JD was a fraternal twin himself and his twin sister’s name was Sarah.  Sadie is a derivative of Sarah, so our Sadie is named for both of her amazingly strong aunts. Ellen is of course my name and was totally Bakari’s idea. (Side note: which I kind of love that he doesn’t mind two Ellens in the house). Ellen is also my maternal Grandmother’s name and she was the true matriarch of the King-Nelson Family.

We await patiently for our miracle babies, Sadie and Stokely Sellers. They are now 30 weeks old and weighing over 3 pounds each. Praise God! They are healthy, growing, and moving a lot!  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Here are some 3D views of Sadie and Stokely.

Who do y’all think they look like?

Stokely Taggart- 3D Image at 30 Weeks
Sadie Ellen- 3D image at 26 Week


23 thoughts on “We Have Named Our Twins

    1. Fascinating and fun read on your process of picking names for your twins .So nice to smile for a second in these days of dark politics with DT . I’m so happy for you both ! I love Bakari . He is a genius and whenever he is on the screen I love his perspective and thought. I wish you the best for the arrival of your beautiful miracle babies !

      1. ??I am so happy for the two of you. I became such an admirer of you and your sisters during the run of your reality show. Which i loved and was so disappointed when it didnt return for a second season. When the show ended, you and Bakari had just gotten engaged. I am so happy to learn that you later married and are now expecting twins. I wish you and your hubby all the joy and happiness your hearts and hands can hold. Look and God, won’t he do it!!!

  1. Congratulations and may God continue to bless and keep all of you. My daughter just had twins in September what a blessing!!!

  2. I have 2 boys. The first we named Blakely Hayes. The first name for my husband’s best friend who died the year before and Hayes is my mother’s maiden name. My younger son is named Remington Bowers. Remington for one of our favorite artists and Bowers for my obstetrician who helped us through our problem conceiving and a stillbirth. The irony is that these 2 boys share many traits of their eponyms. My oldest is a rabid sports nut and stubborn. He holds people accountable for their actions but believes in forgiveness and redemption. This was very much like my husband’s friend. Remington is the artist in the family. He’s an actor, a writer, and loves drawing. Like Frederick Remington he also is concerned for wildlife and open lands. I hope with each name, you see in them what you also loved in the other you respected! Best of everything!

  3. Continue writing your story. May God continue to bless your family. Whatever, you love, I love more.
    Aunt E

  4. I love both of the names for your little Prince and Princess. Sadie looks like you Ellen and Stokely looks like Bakari.
    Love and Blessings

  5. I am in love with little Stokely and Sadie already. I watch Bakari every opportunity that arises and look forward to watching you and those sweet babies. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I’m so grateful that you’re sharing your IVF journey and beautiful babies wt us. I really appreciate it ?? God bless. Thank you.

  7. I love the names. Stokely looks like Bakari and Sadie looks like you! Sadie is my maternal grandmothers name.

  8. Ellen your story to pick the baby makes is so beautiful. We are naming our identical girls with names that start with S as well because both our names start with S and their middle names will be after his grandmother (our due date is on her birthday) and his mom (she doesn’t have a grandchild named after her so she is honored)
    30 weeks already I can’t believe how time is flying for us! I’m right behind you at 23 weeks. Can’t wait for a play date! ????

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