Week 20: Guess What We Are Having

Oh wow-what a milestone for us. 20 weeks today. We are past our halfway point and I can totally feel some changes in our babies. The twins are moving a lot more and they are stretching my uterine wall like crazy! The round ligament pain is kicking my butt! My doctors’ warned me that I may have a little more discomfort because I do have a couple of fibroids as well. And, they are completely correct! There are days that I don’t want to get out of bed. On a more positive note,  these last few weeks have been filled with some major victories!

Weeks 18 & 19

I was so anxious about the 18 week anatomy scan of our babies. The 18 Week Anatomy Scan is where Maternal- Fetal Medicine checks for major organs and features and make sure they are working properly through Ultrasound. I don’t remember doing all of this with my pregnancy with Kai…I guess because I was so much younger and she was a single baby. The advances in technology since is just amazing. And, I Love It!

I saw our babies hearts, their brains, spinal cord, kidneys, bladder, limbs, fingers and toes and much more….It was amazing! Thank God our babies are developing right on schedule and very active!

We did find out the genders, but we want to hear from you first…

What do you think the twins are?

Baby Clues: Baby A is super active and was protecting Baby B from our view. Baby A was sucking its thumb and kicking away. Baby B was flipping from front to back, legs crossed at its ankles, and hand open as to be waving. Both babies look to have long feet and limbs like their Daddy.

Mommy Clues: No Morning Sickness, No Cravings. Tired. Hair is shiny and growing. Many of you say I am glowing. I have gained about 23 pounds. I feel like I am carrying low. I have had a small amount of baby acne and hyperpigmentation on my face but not too bad.

Please Comment Below…Happy Guessing!


16 thoughts on “Week 20: Guess What We Are Having

  1. Hi Ellen, my name is Angel- I actually know Ione- we were in Cleveland together back in 2010. I went to Carolina and my husband played b-ball there. I’m also pregnant with twins and am only 2 weeks behind you. I’m having a girl and a boy, so I’m guessing you are too.?? Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Baby A is a boy because he is “all boy” by being very active and protective of his Sister, Baby B, who is going to be a gymnast with all that flipping going on and very social and welcoming with the waving of her hand. God Blessings and continuing good health for babies and parents!

  3. Oh wow!! I am so excited for you Ellen & Bakari! So, I am very late being that I took a little break from social media. However, I think that you’ll be blessed with a sweet, bold, gorgeous, athlethic baby girl and a distinguished, protective, handsome baby boy. Whatever the genders are, they will be blessed beyond measure. I speak a healthy, peaceful, and joy-filled delivery over you. I love you classmate, enjoy the ride!

  4. First of all, I’m so happy for you and your husband. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I think you’re having a boy and a girl. Best wishes.

  5. Hello Ellen, this is Aunt E. First, let me say you’re beautiful as always. It is my wish you have 2 handsome boys. Let Kai be your only phenomenal daughter. She’s going to be an awesome sister. May God continue to bless your journey.
    Baby. A is your go-getter.
    Baby B is your mama’s boy.

  6. I’m terrible at guessing genders. I think the Heart Rate is a good predictor though. You didn’t share that. So, I’ll go with one of each. Glad you’re progressing well!

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